Call For Papers

Call for papers



FRIDAY 2nd – SUNDAY 4th September 2022


The ‘in-person’ Liverpool Conference follows the traditional panel theme format. Whilst the main conference theme: Diaspora: Restitution, Culture and Capital, follows on directly from the online conference, we invite members to send in proposals on themes they would like to present.


As this is planned to be a smaller conference we call on panel proposers to ensure all panel proposals are sent in to the ASAUK conference team. All proposals need to have the names of the 3 – 4 paper givers, and their abstracts submitted by the April deadline. This will enable us to plan the conference space and facilities required. Given the current post covid-period,  and continuing health advice, capacity will be limited as we will aim to ensure socially distanced settings are available for all conference events. We also plan to host the Liverpool conference in hybrid format so if you are unable to join us in Liverpool you can join us online. 


With this early call for panels and associated papers can we also ask that you alert us to any proposed international paper giver participants. This is to enable us work to ensure we prepare letters of invitation and any other material they may need to ensure visas are processed in time for the conference. 


We realise that this is different from the traditional conference format but hope you will join us for this unique event. During the conference  29th ASAUK biennial conference dinner will be held at Liverpool University’s Victoria Gallery and Museum on Saturday 3rd September. This will also be the venue for announcement and awards ceremony for the Audrey Richards best thesis on Africa prize, the Fage and Oliver best research monograph on Africa prize and the distinguished Africanist awards ceremony.


For more information about the 29th ASAUK conference. Please contact the conference curator, Nathan Richards, via the email address: 


Panel proposals, comprising the 3 – 4 papers with abstracts, can also now be sent to the same address.

We will be providing further information related to conference registration in June as the conference details develop on our website and via social media.