Join Us Online: Ibadan | Nairobi | Liverpool

THE ONLINE CONFERENCE  31st August – 2nd September




Restitution, Culture and Capital


The online portion of the conference is entirely free to attend (with registration required). Hosted by ASAUK colleagues at the IFRA Institute, at the University of Ibadan and the BIEA, Nairobi, the online conference has been directly funded by the British Academy, with generous supplementary funding from the BIEA. It will be delivered entirely online from both Ibadan and Nairobi, using the Zoom platform. Working closely with the Institutes in Ibadan and Nairobi, these interactive conferences will be broadcast on two consecutive days, from Ibadan on Wednesday 31st August and Nairobi on Thursday, 1st September. The final part of the online conference will be broadcast from Liverpool on Friday 2nd September, jointly chaired by the ASAUK and RAS presidents.


We expect to curate and edit the key papers, from Ibadan, Nairobi and Liverpool that will be discussed at this unique online conference series. These with support from the British Academy will form the basis of the ASAUK publication Restitution Culture and Capital in Africa and the Diaspora, a trans-national conversation which will elaborate on the themes of the conference through the publication of the keynote papers and also the responses as recorded by participants at the three conference platforms.


The panel session themes and keynotes for the three day online conference can be found in the schedules in the tab besides this page. 


This online conference is fully funded by The British Academy, and hosted by the BIEA. The online sessions are entirely free to attend. BritishAcademy Conferences bring together scholars from around the world to present, discuss and consolidate new research in the humanities and social sciences.


Please download the full pdf of the conference programme and abstracts ASAUK 2022 Programme