About us

A major aim of the ASAUK is to facilitate linkages between UK and African institutions and between scholars in Africa and in the UK. We collaborate with our Africa-based peer associations and support their initiatives. Our major programme, the ASAUK writing workshops aims to change publishing patterns that advantage scholars from well-resourced institutions and to strengthen the connections between academics in the UK and our colleagues in Africa. Our conference takes place every two years and is the major UK hub for scholars of Africa. Postgraduate research students registered in the UK are encouraged to join the ASAUK.


Regular events


The ASAUK supports a number of other activities which strengthen African Studies in the UK. These include the ASAUK Best Thesis Prize awarded biennially for the best dissertation in African Studies, the ASAUK Best Book Prize and ASAUK Best First Book Prize, the Outstanding African Studies Awards, and the Mary Kingsley Zochonis Lecture which sponsors an early career academic to come to the UK and deliver a high profile lecture, amongst other engagements.