Lasting Legacy Award

The posthumous Lasting Legacy Award was set up by ASAUK in 2021 to recognise the work of people whose exceptional scholarship has left a lasting legacy on African Studies and on our understanding of Africa and its engagement with the world. The award is not confined to academics. It is intended for people who have made a great contribution to African Studies in the UK, or who have strengthened links between African Studies here and in Africa itself.


The Lasting Legacy Award is an occasional award, i.e. it will not necessarily be awarded every year, but rather when nominations are made and supported by ASAUK Council. The Award will be conferred at the subsequent ASAUK Conference or, if this is some time away, the next suitable ASAUK event. Individuals may be nominated up to five years after their death.


ASAUK Lasting Legacy Award 2022 Co-winners



Nominate someone for the ASAUK Lasting Legacy Award


Nominations for the ASAUK Lasting Legacy Award should include:


  • A one page single spaced statement by the nominator, outlining a) the range of contributions by the nominee to African Studies in the UK; and b) the nature of their lasting legacy.
  • A further brief supporting statement from an ASAUK member.
  • A two page CV including major publications, activities and achievements.


Given that this is a posthumous award, we request that nominators act sensitively and in line with the wishes of relatives. In some cases, this will mean making contact with appropriate relatives and sensitively asking for permission ahead of making a nomination.