ASAUK NextGen2020+ International Workers’ Day conversation






The ASAUKNextGen2020+ is on Saturday 5 June at 10 am in London and Lagos, 9 am in Accra, 12 midday in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, 5 pm in Beijing; and we shall continue the International Workers’ Day conversation.

Scholarship on youth across Africa pays a great deal of attention to dreams of material wealth, and scams and bluffs to seem or become wealthy. What alternative dreams are there outside the celebration of consumption; beyond the shiny mall, designer shoes, cars, gold and diamonds?
What forms of labour and community-making are created and endure amidst precarity? How do we make meaning, every day, beyond and outside wage labour?

We are “NextGen” but we are also interested in what an older generation do to make the world every day.

One of the inspirations behind this conversation is the work done by Crown Troupe of Africa and Illuminate Theatre, and we hope to have a member of the troupe talk to us about the labour practices and meaning-making work of their work space called The Lab.

If you are interested in taking part in this Saturday morning conversation about the differences between work and wage labour, and between consumer dreams and dreams of communities please email for the zoom link.