Streams for ASAUK Conference 2024

ASAUK conferences have established a reputation as supportive and collaborative events. Our conferences–attended by scholars at all stages of their careers–bring together scholars of Africa from various disciplines around the world. Themed Generation and Regeneration, the 2024 conference captures this and related themes from several perspectives as seen in the streams below. To see fuller descriptions of all these streams please check the News page. 


ASAUK’s Past and Future: Generation and Regeneration Keynote Panel


Alternative Ways of Knowing (in) Africa


The Africa Charter for Transformative Research Collaborations


AFRICA: Journal of the International African Institute


Journal of African Cultural Studies




Climate Change Resilience in Africa: Politics, Policymaking and Governance


Reinvestigating Colonial Collecting, Looting, and Repatriation in Africa


Religion and Politics in Africa


New African Economic Histories


(Re)thinking Development and Future Building in Africa


Africa’s Urban Turn: Design and Development Paradox


Re-engaging ‘Old Media’ Archives and Methods in Africa


Gender and Sexuality Research and the Impact of the International Development Regime


Diffused on the Radio: Literary and Cultural Landscapes in Africa


Artificial Intelligence on the African Continent


Disability, the Arts and Inclusion


Teaching and Learning the History of Africa


Black Histories in the White Academy


30 Years of Democracy in South Africa


How to Change the Past: Shifting Practices in African History Education


Revisiting Biafra


Ghana Studies


African Affairs: Journal of the RAS


African Judiciaries


(Not) the State in African Urban Development Politics


Journal of Southern African Studies: 50 Years of Studying Southern Africa


Rethinking the History of Military Governments


Living in and Recovering from Crisis


More Than Extraction: Ethics, Methods and Knowledge Economies in African Politics


What Comes After Critique?


Futures of African Screen Worlds


Queer Creative Arts in Africa: Sexuality, Gender and Cultural Expressions


Harnessing the Generational Capacity of Oral History in Africa


Blue Stories: Indian Ocean Narratives and Cultures of Trauma and Healing


Review of African Political Economy Journal @50 


New Perspectives on Boycotts and Sanctions Against Apartheid South Africa