ASAUK NextGen2020+ Lagos City Tour






Enjoy the sounds and sights of Lagos on one of Pelu Awofeso’s city tours. These normally take place on the Sunday after the conference, the day after the formal dinner and reception.
This recording is of the 2018 tour of Eko Atlantic City. In a number of panels at the conference, scholars had expressed critical views on this futuristic development, which its privately funded developers claim will arrest the ocean’s encroachment. Soon after the conference ended, significant flooding hit Lagos and greater Nigeria. Thank you to Pelu Awofeso, founder and CEO of the tour company Travel Next Door, for the video and for the tours – from the Railway Museum to Freedom park, from the Lekki Conservation Centre to Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s Kalakuta Republic, and this time to the shimmering Eko Atlantic City.